An open-source online content management system built with one goal in mind: Enabling those without web development experience or the budget to hire someone - the ability to keep an up-to-date online presence that is crucial to success in todays market.

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Picking the right content management system from so many options, which are equally good, isn't an easy task. From the cost of deployment to addons and ease of use, a lot of criteria have to be checked out. Enter: SabbatCMS

This is a simple CMS designed for small websites. It enables you to add content management to an existing site in five minutes. The CMS provides an easy to use back-end so you or your clients can make edits right from a browser. SabbatCMS doesn’t require much to power your content. All you need is an open source Apache web server and PHP 5. There is no database required for storing data either. If that doesn't perk your interest alone - well, now it’s yours free.